Wayne Dobbins

9th April 2021

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Progress at the Swan School: 3D Panorama


As the Swan School nears construction, we wanted to share a couple of 3D panoramas of the project, demonstrating how the original designs have evolved into a (nearly) finished product. We created the original panorama in Autodesk Revit: it provides an idea of how the school would eventually look, giving stakeholders the opportunity to literally step inside the model and view it from the perspective of a pupil or member of staff.

Now that the project is nearly finished, we went back to the same spot to photograph a real-life panorama. You can see how the designs have come off the page (and out of the digital model), taking form as a constructed school that hundreds of children will benefit from.

3D panoramas are just one of the ways we show our designs to stakeholders. By working together on a detailed, shared model covering all disciplines, we can develop accurate models such as this one at an early stage – allowing us to show the way the designs will look, feel and function.