All projects should start by asking why. Why build? Why replace? Why now? And – importantly – what problem are we here to solve? By working with you to establish a clear, robust brief, we answer the question “Why?” with a clear “Because”, and a set of project priorities that reflect your needs and aspirations, while minimising any impact on the environment.

Our team unites structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural expertise from the beginning, driven by our shared purpose. This means we can seamlessly integrate every element – bringing our wide-ranging skills together to engineer the architectural, functional and environmental needs accurately at an early stage. It’s an approach that ensures no element is compromised.

We benchmark your project against a whole range of relevant examples, from sustainable exemplars to innovatively constructed new builds and sensitive refurbishments. This helps you consider what’s possible, testing the limits of the brief and opening up new possibilities as the design progresses.

It’s easier to manage a team when you’re all working towards a common goal. We provide a single point of contact, with direction and momentum across our team – leading by example to enhance every performative aspect of a project.

Our approach – coupled with a robust quality management system and a wealth of expertise – not only makes for efficient working. It ensures that our buildings are more efficient, too, raising the bar for sustainability and creating exceptional places for people and communities to live, work, study and relax.

It’s impossible to improve what we do without understanding where those improvements need to be made. We use POEs, our bespoke toolkits and live data to assess our projects, share our findings with each other, and build on our strengths and knowledge. Informed by our research, we are defining a new standard for sustainability, energy performance, and how people relate and engage with spaces.


At every stage of the design process – from initial meetings to final review – we bring a range of perspectives to the table. This doesn’t simply mean that we take a multidisciplinary approach: we also talk to stakeholders, communities, clients and users to ensure that our designs work for everyone.

Our pedigree gives us flexibility. We can tackle problems as a team, or assess the situation together, then split up and regroup. We can bring in specialists at any time – from acoustic engineers to sustainability consultants. We can keep a single point of contact or open multiple lines of communication.

It’s this adaptable way of working which means we can achieve a new standard of quality, whatever the project.